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Does Lightinthebox Get Google -50 Penalty for Paid Links or Panda Update?

Just search Lightinthebox without .com at, you will found it got minus 50 penalty. You may image how big loss to its bussiness and impact to its company.


Not know what is Lightinthebox? It got huge sales everyday, alexa rank is 1591, Yahoo backlinks 5,455,788 and google index 8,640,000 pages.

Does it correlate with Google Farmer update / panda update or just because links buying?

You may heard of J.C. Penney got penalty at NY Time for paid links. After 6 months, J.C. Penney have this penalty removed and regain the ranking along with a successful link bait.

But what applied on Lightinthebox is domain penalty which is much more severe than JCPenney one’s. -50 Domain penalty means penalty applied on all pages on a site. Usually traffic is down 90%.

Why Lightinthebox got slapped by Google? Just for guess right now:

  1. Selling replicas products
    Google clean most spam sites selling replicas along with panda update after it.
  2. Buying Links
    Tons of Chinese sites buy links from PR5-8 authority sites like www dot www dot www dot 
    Someone ever found lightinthebox buy or hack hidden link at
  3. Duplication
    Lot of sites scrape content from Lightinthebox and I think Lightinthebox scrape content from others too.

Let’s wait and see what happen to Lightinthebox and how react to get out of this penalty. It is a great case for seos. If you have any clue about this, please leave comment or email to alvalong at gmail dot com.

For reference: is one of largest B2C ecommerce site in China and it is created by CSO of Google China, Guo Qu Ji.